How to Increase the Supply of Houses for Sale in Flintshire?

Author: Laura Coughlin - Managing Director & Property Professional

Posted: Feb 1, 2023

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Hey guys, Marshall Tonks here – as a leading estate agent in Flintshire, I know all about the challenges our community faces when it comes to finding affordable homes. With the shortage of houses for sale in 2023, many buyers are struggling to find the perfect property that meets their needs and budget.

So, what’s the solution? Well, I believe that homeowners can play a significant role in addressing this problem. By putting their homes on the market sooner rather than later, we can increase the supply of houses for sale and help keep prices more realistic.

I know that many people are hesitant to list their property before finding their next home, but here’s a little tip – why not consider agreeing to a sale subject to finding a suitable property? This approach can give you the best of both worlds – you’ll be in a strong position to buy your dream home while also staying put until you find the right one.

How are house prices performing in Flintshire during the last 12 months?

Recent data has revealed that the property market in Flintshire and Wrexham experienced an upswing in house prices during September. According to Land Registry figures, Flintshire prices increased by 2.9%, surpassing the average growth rate for Wales, while Wrexham saw a 1.1% increase.

These price hikes contribute to a sustained upward trend in the region, with property values increasing by an impressive 13.3% over the past year. The average house price in Flintshire was recorded at £218,539 in September, reflecting a 2.9% increase from the previous month, while Wrexham recorded an average of £208,886 – a 1.1% rise from August.

January 2023Flintshire+7.5%£215,027£200,077
December 2022Flintshire+12.1%£221,468£197,568
November 2022Flintshire+11.3%£220,059£197,742
October 2022Flintshire+8.8%£215,618£198,152
September 2022Flintshire+13%£218,539£192,850
August 2022Flintshire+10.6%£211,436£191,148

These findings offer insight into the current state of the property market in North Wales, where a surge in demand for housing has driven prices up. The implications of these trends are significant and are likely to impact the wider economy in the region.

How does Flintshire compare to the rest of Wales?

In contrast to the rest of Wales, where house prices saw an average increase of 2% over the month, Flintshire and Wrexham recorded a different picture with prices above the national average, this remains unchanged as we move into Q2 of 2023.

During the past year, Flintshire’s average property sale price rose by £26,000, ranking the area 15th among the 22 Welsh local authorities with data for annual growth. Wrexham also experienced an increase of £23,000, placing it in the 18th position on the list! Prosperous times for the two most popular areas in the local North Wales region.

The pandemic’s imbalance between supply and demand for properties led to a rise in house prices across the UK. However, a stagnant market between August and September led to a slowdown in the annual growth of typical property values.

According to Andy Sommerville, the director at Search Acumen, a property data provider,

the latest figures indicate a turning point for house prices. It is worth noting that the data has not fully reflected the mini-budget’s impact, which was announced in late September, resulting in volatility in the mortgage market and a surge in interest rates on new agreements.

The best estate agents in Chester and Flintshire

The best estate agents in Chester and Flintshire understand your concerns and we want to work with you to find the best possible solution. We don’t charge a fee unless a sale is completed successfully, so there’s nothing to lose by exploring this option. Let’s team up to increase the supply of houses for sale in Flintshire and make homeownership more accessible for everyone.

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